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Public-images-osm logo.svg couplings:diameters
The size of the connection fitting used to interface with the hydrant. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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This is an optional tag in combination with emergency=fire_hydrant or emergency=fire_service_inlet to specify the diameter sizes of the couplings where hoses can be connected.

The number of these connections is specified by couplings=*.

How to tag

  • Each coupling diameter is delimited by a semicolon: #;#;... (numeric values)
  • Always specify the unit of measure, normally use mm. For inches use ".
  • In some countries characters A, B, C are used to specify the connector ( Austria and Germany)


Downtown Charlottesville fire hydrant.jpg

Taken this image and guessing diameters, this could result in: couplings:diameters=45 mm;45 mm;110 mm

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