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The ID of an establishment under the UK's Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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UK Food Hygiene Rating System

Status: in use

An fhrs:id tag gives the ID of a food establishment within the FHRS dataset. The UK Food Hygiene Rating System of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, provides official food hygiene ratings for restaurants, cafes, schools, hospitals and other places that prepare, serve or sell food. A tag fhrs:id=* can be used to specify the ID of an establishment in this system. The ID value is a number.

Setting the tag is a way of clearly indicating that this OpenStreetMap object describes the same real-world establishment as this particular "establishment" record in the FHRS dataset, and that other imported field values should correspond.

FHRS ids in URLs

The URL of the corresponding page on the Food Standards Agency website can be obtained from the ID by prepending the string "" for example

The key fhrs:id=* can be used in the same way for the Food Hygiene Information scheme used in Scotland. This scheme has a different rating system, but an appropriate URL can be formed from the ID in the same way.

See UK Food Hygiene Rating System#Example data for an example