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A name in Korean in Hangeul. Use name:ko-Hani for Hanja and name:ko-Latn for romanizations. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: names
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Status: de facto

A name in Korean.

Note that this tag is useful when object has names specified in more than one language:

  • If name=* is in Korean then it specifies which language is used in main name tag
  • If name=* is in a different language then it specifies name in Korean


North and South Korea may use different words or use different notations. Use the local language as the default('name:ko=*'), but use it to identify words or notations from other regions if they are different. (E.g. 'name:en=elementary school' / 'name:en=Ryugyong Hotel')

  • name:ko-KR=* : E.g. 'name:ko-KR=초등학교' / 'name:ko-KR=유경호텔'
  • name:ko-KP=* : E.g. 'name:ko-KP=인민학교' / 'name:ko-KP=류경호텔'

Maps in Korean

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Possible tagging mistakes

  • name:kr=* ‒ Many uses of name:kr are in Korean language.
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