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Location of the parking lane

Example 1

Image in the direction of the way Tags Notes

To tell this apart from the one below, a possibility:

.. or another way to express it:

Left hand side just happens to be empty. Little traffic, so twoway traffic flows (virtually) freely regardless of parked cars, even though two cars can not pass each other at the points where cars are parked. If there were parked cars on alternating sides, navigating would be slower. Estimating road width is harder than differentiating this from the next image.
Either side only.jpg
Like above, but a better image. Parking is free on both sides, but not legal on both sides at the same spot, because then a car/hgv could not pass.

To tell this apart from the one above, a possibility:

Right hand side just happens to be empty (even most of the time). Twoway traffic flows freely regardless of parked cars.

To tell this apart from the one above, a possibility: (but that's the same as the first picture!)

A twoway, two lane road, where passenger cars fit snugly side by side but a truck or a bus reserves the whole road.

To tell this apart from the one above, a possibility:

The same road as above, picture taken to the other direction: A twoway, two lane road, parking allowed on one side only: room for oncoming buses or trucks to pass each other.
A good truck wide free lane even with the parked cars. The left side is effectively dedicated to parking without any markings.
Truck wide lanes for both directions, even with parked cars - no painted places.

Example 2

Key Value Element Comment With Marks Without Marks
parking:lane:right parallel Mf way.png parallel, on street P l i 0 on kerb marked.jpg P l i 0 on kerb unmarked.jpg
parking:lane:right parallel Mf way.png parallel, half on street P l i 2 on kerb marked.jpg
parking:lane:right parallel Mf way.png parallel, completely on kerb P l i 4 on kerb marked.jpg
parking:lane:right diagonal Mf way.png Diagonally, completely on kerb P l d 4 on kerb marked.jpg
parking:lane:right perpendicular Mf way.png perpendicularly, half on kerb P l o 2 on kerb marked.jpg

Some more images to come


The original proposal has some Talk:Proposed_features/parking:lane#More_than_one_parking_condition examples of more complex conditions, too.

Fi-no hgv disc others.png
tag read as
parking:lane:right=parallel somebody is allowed to parallel park
parking:lane:right:parallel=on_street on the road
parking:condition:right=disc with a time limit
parking:condition:right:maxstay=4 h of 4 hours
parking:condition:right:time_interval=Mo-Fr 06:00-24:00 if the car is parked within the given time
parking:condition:right:default=free but freely outside those hours
parking:condition:right:except=hgv but if you're in a hgv,
parking:condition:right:hgv=no_parking you may not park at all.
parking:lane:hgv=on_street parking Trucks on the road.

An alternative for the last tag would be

tag read as
parking:condition:right:2=no_parking if the first conditions don't match (time, vehicle), you may not park
parking:condition:right:2:vehicles=hgv if you are driving a hgv (needed so that non-hgv's can fall back to "default" condition)
Parkingonstreetloading.png The sign reads (translated) "Does not apply to loading and unloading vans and trucks".
tag read as
parking:lane:right=no_parking Somebody is allowed to stop, but not park
parking:lane:right:no_parking=lay_by within the carriageway but in a space set aside from the driving lane
parking:condition:right=loading only when loading/unloading
parking:condition:right:vehicles=good;hgv but only drving a van or a truck.
parking:condition:right:default=no_stopping If you didn't fit in the above, don't stop


Sign Tags
free parking:lane:right=parallel
(Please see discussion about default rules)
disc parking:lane:right=perpendicular
parking:condition:right:maxstay=1 h
parking:condition:right:time_interval=Mo-Fr 09:00-18:00;Sa 09:00-14:00
Anwohnerparkplatz parking:lane:right=parallel
Anwohnerparkplatz mit Zeitbeschränkung parking:lane:right=parallel
customers parking:lane:right=perpendicular
private parking:lane:left=perpendicular
no parking parking:lane:left=no_parking
(no parking:condition to be supplied)
no stopping parking:lane:left=no_stopping
(no parking:condition to be supplied)
fire lane parking:lane:left=fire_lane
(fire_lane implies a "no stopping" parking condition, so no parking:condition to be supplied)
resident parking Discussed at the discussion page. --User:kay_D

Sample area and rendering

An example area with lots of those tagging already done is here: OSM (or Edit in JOSM); Wikimedia Toolserver.

The respective area could be rendered (possibly as a layer) like this: Rendered Parking Layer

Please see one street tagged with a JOSM screenshot

JOSM Screenshot