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Second Liverpool mapping party

The second mapping party in Liverpool took place on the 6th June 2009. The focus of this mapping party was on an area in the North of Liverpool. The venue was Emmanuel Baptist Church in Netherton. The mapping party itself was a single day event due to the obvious other uses of the venue. If you want to get involved on the Sunday there is an area from the cake left but nobody that attended on Saturday intends to map on Sunday.



  • Any problems, call John McKerrell on 0771 855 3567
  • 10:30am - meet at the venue, introductory talks where necessary and allocation of cake, go mapping
  • 1-2pm - lunch, tagging and discussion
  • 5:30pm- Meet back at the venue and head into town for drinks and food, we'll need to make sure we have enough transport for those attending


  • Nothing planned but there's a section of the cake left if you feel like working on it, section 10.



As the party has just passed many areas have been surveyed but the data hasn't necessarily been entered yet. The sections were assigned as followed (if you were at the party please update when you've finished putting in the data you collected). One section was left, if you're going to work on it please claim it here first to make sure we don't get multiple people working on it replicating effort.

  1. Michael James is working on this section
  2. Mike Nolan finished this
  3. Mike Nolan was working on this
  4. Richard B finished this section
  5. Michael James will be doing this section
  6. We opted not to touch this, looks finished
  7. Chris Alcock was working on this section
  8. amck was working on this section
  9. John McKerrell & JR Peterson did most of this
  10. Was not assigned

Transport Options

The main train station in Liverpool is Liverpool Lime Street and is in the centre of Liverpool. Netherton is 5 miles from the centre of Liverpool but is served by local train stations. Old Roan is closest but you may find Aintree is cheaper. A private hire taxi would probably cost around £8 with a black cab being more like £12. It may be possible to get a lift from the centre.

There are also a variety of buses that serve the Netherton area, from Liverpool there is the 52, 52A, 55, 56. If coming by train, you can also catch the 55 to Fleetwoods lane, the road the church is on, from Old Roan station. Visit Arriva for more information on bus routes / times.

who thought they might come

  • John McKerrell is organising the party and will have a car that can fit 4 more people - call him on 0771 855 3567 if you have problems
  • Michael James responsible for the venue and keeping the Wifi up :S
  • Chris Alcock
  • JR Peterson Is almost definatly coming -- with cammera gear, basic gps and feet.
  • Smsm1
  • Richard B is not certain, but may go.