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IRC meeting taking place in #osm on irc.oftc.net, Wednesday 2006-04-05


  • UK 20:00 British Summer Time (BST)
  • Central Europe 21:00
  • USA (eastern) 15:00
  • USA (pacific) 12:00

(Thats 19:00 GMT/UTC)


  • Moderator: Steve
  • Secretary: Imi


  1. Agreement of meeting Chair and minute taker (logger)
  2. Opening statement - By SteveC
  3. Core Objectives of OSM and a fledgling Constitution
  4. Officers Roles
  5. Other Roles
  6. Nomination proceedure
  7. Voting proceedure
  8. AOB
  9. Next meeting


Apologies / Absences

User:TomC can't make it, sorry.

Discussion Points

Since this is the first meeting there are no prior meeting minutes to read to prompt discussion. Therefore a few prompters here: Because this will be a written text meeting, some of the preparation for the meeting can be done by circulating text in this section below or at the time of the meeting.

  1. Opening statement - Hopefully Steve can provide a brief overview of how OSM came about, what his intentions for it originally were and how he would like it to move forwards. The focus being upon the Objectives of OSM.
  2. Core Objectives of OSM. The first point in creating a basic Constitution. (in my view we need this first before the roles can be defined. Blackadder 09:55, 5 Apr 2006 (UTC)). Agree a first draft of “The OpenStreetMap Foundation is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free geospacial data and to providing geospacial data to the public free of charge.”
  3. Officers Roles - These being required of any recognised organisation, although the actual names don't need to be those below. There also needs to be consideration of how long a person voted to a position holds that office before re-election.
    1. Chairman, to chair future meetings of the organisation.
    2. Secretary, to record meeting minutes, provide a central contact point for OSM and
    3. Treasurer, to look after the money received and expended by OSM
  4. Other Roles - Further roles as required to meet the needs and objectives of OSM. eg:
    1. Being a technically orientated project we probably need a CTO role of some sort.
    2. We should then identify roles on the basis of meeting the wording of OSM's Objectives.
  5. Nomination procedure. eg, are self nominations acceptable?
  6. Voting procedure, including who has a right to vote.

We should not seek to fill roles (or nominate for) during the meeting but rather to establish the basis for what the roles are, what is the nomination procedure (including self nominations) and how and when should a vote take place. The community needs to be given notice (say 14 days) to allow for nominations to be received and then a further shorter period for the vote itself.

More on roles: SteveC's original post of 29th March had the folowing: To kick things off, I think we need a board with someone to do Finance, someone doing publicity / outreach (and to talk to the OGC/other groups like GpsDrive). Someone representing data collectors and someone representing the tech side. These can then run sub-groups as required/appropriate. Oh, someone should think about licenses and coordinate with the people at the OGC. At least initially I'd be benevolant dictator a-la the wikimedia foundation.

Role examples:

Nice simple set of typical volunteer roles for new groups can be found here, under the "Running your group" section.

Constitution / Bylaws

Summary of meeting


  • BlackAdder (changed to AndyR later) - Andy Robinson
  • erjohan - Erik Johansson
  • Etienne - Etienne Cherdlu
  • imi - Immanuel Scholz
  • LA2 - Lars Aronsson
  • nickb - Nick Black
  • SteveC - Steve Coast
  • TeLLuS - Johan Thelmén
  • tweety - Jörg Ostertag


  • "The OpenStreetMap Foundation is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data and to providing geospatial data for anybody to use and share."
  • Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are officiers
  • The chairman is elected initially for 3 years, after that a reevaluation of the election period is done
  • secretary and treasurer elected yearly
  • other roles to be considered by the board and to be elected by members are: 1. Hosting, 2. Coding, 3. Publicity, 4. Membership Secretary, 5. Fundraiser, 6. Events manager, 7. Legal / license
  • one "member" one vote. Members for initial voting are all registered on the server (mailing list or wiki) on April 1st
  • every member can nominate every member anytime (self nominating is ok)