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IRC meeting on the 11th July 2006 at 7pm BST on #osm on irc.oftc.net


The official meeting, unless anyone has major problems with it, will be limited to two hours from 7pm to 9pm BST. People are welcome to hang out after this ends.

I suggest we split the time up in to 8 sets of 15 minutes or 4 half hour slots, or some mixture, with one point to be discussed in each slot.

Slot 1 (15 mins)

  • Imi summarises what has been decided for OSMF-stuff on the last IRC meeting and on IoW (the status quo).
  • Steve summarise what he is doing
  • Etienne to provide an initial treasurer's report

Slot 2 (30 mins)

Membership: definition, what's required to become a member

Slot 3 (30 mins)

Basis of OSMF, what legal entity will it be?

Slot 4 - Finance (15 mins)

  • Priorities for spending any funds we may or may not have
  • Fund raising ideas and discussion

Slot 5 (15 mins)

last slot free

last Slot (15 mins)

Any other business, things people feel the OSMF should be doing


SteveC (Imi is very sorry. I just forgot it :-((((( )


See Meetings/20060711/Log

Summary (by Imi from logs)

  • (Russian wikipedia has now an OpenStreetMap article. Who is next? ;-)
  • Etienne reports GBP 175 income to 275 expenses pessimistic or GBP 1250 to 7000 optimistic
  • small (GBP 5-15) anual fees for membership is ok
  • OSMF is a limited by guarantee company registered in England and Wales
  • explore the possibility of obtaining charitable status later
  • nickb looks after advantages of forming OSMF at the IoM instead of eng.&wales
  • income distribution approx. 20% legal, 60% hardware and 20% talks&press
  • 2nd year anniv. party at August, 12th, Covent Garden (or The Porterhouse?)
  • we need better i18n coverage.
  • no decision about licenses.