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There will be an IRC meeting on Tuesday 8th August at 20:00 GMT (21:00 BST, 22:00 CEST/CEDT/MESZ) at irc.oftc.net channel #osm for anyone who wants to compare notes and discuss the process of turning a base gps track into OSM map data suitable for further use.

The meeting is aimed at those people who may be new to OSM and who want to go out in the rain (or sun) with a GPS unit, record tracks, set down nodes and line segments using the applet or an off-line editor, mark up nodes, segments and ways with additional tagging, and produce meaningful maps at the end. It's an opportunity for new people to learn and for those who've already tried it to share their experiences, compare notes and maybe learn some tips and tricks from other OSMers.

The scope of the meeting will include:

  • collecting gps tracks
  • creating and tagging segments and ways
  • how to represent roundabouts, junctions and other features
  • what tags to use for what
  • the use of historical mapping information
  • rendering
  • tricks and tips

To avoid getting bogged down in well trodden territory the scope will not include the following unless directly relevant to the above topics:

  • gps features
  • OSM database, server, performance, etc
  • editing tools
  • licensing, copyright and all that stuff
  • non-existent/future features

Some of the more experienced OSMers, including User:Blackadder and User:80n will be there to share their wisdom and experiences.

Hope you can join us.