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Mappers in action with ICMS and Kathmandu Living Labs
Local citizens from Bajrabarahi, Makwanpur, Nepal mapping their towns and villages. Kathmandu Living Labs, pioneer of OpenStreetMap in Nepal, was involved in training them. The training mostly focused on mapping agriculture and food security data

Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) is a project using open and free infrastructure of OpenStreetMap to map major points-of-interests and critical infrastructure such as schools, public buildings, and hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


Originally started as an Open Cities Kathmandu Project, a team of 7 enthusiastic people came together and on October of 2013 established 'Kathmandu Living Labs' under the supervision of Dr.Nama Budhathoki.

KLL harnesses local knowledge, develops open data and promotes civic technologies. At Kathmandu Living Labs, we attempt to connect technologies to difficult problems people face in their everyday lives. Through the years of experience, we have learned that technology is only a part of the puzzle in creating technology-based solutions. Successful implementation of technology-solution requires choreography of bringing together a number of elements forming an ecosystem. Our emphasis at Kathmandu Living Labs are cutting-edge web 2.0 and crowd-sourced mapping that empower and engage citizens in working with government and development agencies to address problems collectively.

It has been successful in creating one of the most detailed map of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal in less than 2 years. MapofKathmanduValley

Currently, KLL is working on mainly four projects. Its on a mission to bring the use of map to solve the day to day life problems of the local citizens in a developing country like Nepal. It has collaborated with local governance, I NGOs, NGOs and many others as it believes that change doesnot come from one but with the collaboration and collective effort of many.

KLL, an organization which promotes OpenStreetMap acivities in Nepal, got interested and has taken the role of further development and promotion. It was presented in various mapping parties, like ICIMOD YOUTH MEET, GIZ. It organizes its own mapping parties to sensitize and train youths to create new ideas around the blend of latest technology and map use for the overall development of the country.

It has been involved in many activities related to Openstreetmap and is a representative of Openstreetmap community in Nepal. It did remote mappings in post disaster places such as in Haiyan and was ranked 4th among many countries who participated. It has organized many events, one of which ran in parallel with the global OpenStreetMap convention 2013. The global State Of the Map (SOTM) 2013 is going to be be held in Birmingham, UK, from 6th – 8th September 2013. Kathmandu Living Labs did a live screening the talks from SOTM UK, 2013. Apart from the live screening, KLL organized other events like Geocaching, Editathon and Futsal. It is planning to host SOTM Nepal in Feburary of 2015. Recently it organised a household level survey of Ward 7, Kathmandu Nepal and with the collaboration with Young Innovation Pvt. Ltd. and Minister of Parliament Office using the open and free infrastructure of OpenStreetMap to update the available data. A photo from a mapping party involving girl mappers organised by KLL was successful to be selected as Image of the Week for the OpenStreetMap wiki page from 8th to 14th September 2014. Featured Images.

It is going to organise a 10 days long sensitization and training program in one of the VDCs of Nepal,Bajrabarahi, from 21 November to 30 November 2014. It is a program to engage youths and encourage them about importance of Agriculture on Openstreetmap platform.

KLL is also involved in creating android apps based on Openstreetmap data. MeroBhadaMeter is one of the apps created by Nirab Pudasaini, the android programmer at KLL. It is also involved in creating web based applications/visualization of data collected using open and free infrastructure of OpenStreetMaps.Team mates from KLL were also involved in a public transportation project where the public trasportation are mapped in osm and later the data is used to create a website where people can choose the start and destination and it displays the route and intermediate stopsYatayat. KathmanduLivingLabs contributors: Amrit Karmacharya, Poshan Niraula and Suresh Shrestha.

For further information you can visit the website KathmanduLivingLabs