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The purpose of this project is to populate OSM in Norway with stores and fuel stations, with a priority to the most commonly used categories. This will enable users and applications to search and navigate to these points of interest. This wiki page describes tagging, permissions and status for each category and brand.

The first time uploads have been manual jobs in order to ensure that locations and conflation are correct. The update2osm tool is used for later automated updates of existing shops in OSM based on the stored ref:xx tag.


This is an overview of Norwegian branded stores in OSM. OSM files are available for several brands which have not been uploaded yet - please see notes in the table below. Send a message to NKA if you would like to contribute with the final verification and uploading (from JOSM).

Norwegian stores in OSM
Category Brand Ref tag Count Status Comment
shop=supermarket Coop Prix ref:coop Uploaded
shop=supermarket Extra ref:coop Uploaded
shop=supermarket Matkroken ref:coop Uploaded
shop=supermarket Coop Marked ref:coop Uploaded
shop=supermarket Coop Mega ref:coop Uploaded
shop=supermarket Obs ref:coop Uploaded
shop=supermarket Joker ref:norgesgruppen Uploaded
shop=supermarket Kiwi ref:norgesgruppen Uploaded
shop=supermarket Meny ref:norgesgruppen Uploaded
shop=supermarket Nærbutikken ref:norgesgruppen Uploaded
shop=supermarket Spar ref:norgesgruppen Uploaded
shop=supermarket Rema 1000 ref:rema Uploaded
shop=supermarket Bunnpris ref:bunnpris Uploaded
shop=convenience Snarkjøp ref:snarkjop Uploaded
shop=convenience 7-Eleven ref:7eleven Uploaded
shop=convenience Deli de Luca
shop=kiosk Narvesen ref:narvesen Uploaded
shop=alcohol Vinmonopolet ref:vinmonopolet Uploaded WikiProject Norway/Public Services#Vinmonopolet
shop=general Europris ref:europris Uploaded
shop=optician Brilleland
shop=optician Specsavers
shop=optician Synsam
shop=photo Elite Foto
shop=photo Japan Photo
shop=books Akademika
shop=books Ark File ready Volunteer wanted
shop=books Norli File ready Volunteer wanted
shop=charity Fretex ref:fretex Uploaded
shop=clothes Sparkjøp ref:sparkjøp Uploaded
shop=sports Anton Sport
shop=sports Intersport
shop=sports Sport1
shop=sports XXL
shop=electronics Elkjøp ref:elkjøp Uploaded
shop=electronics Power
shop=electronics Coop Elektro ref:coop Uploaded
shop=hifi Hifi-klubben
shop=mobile_phone Mobit ref:mobit Uploaded
shop=mobile_phone Telenorbutikken ref:telenor Uploaded
shop=mobile_phone Telia ref:telia Uploaded
shop=hardware Jernia ref:jernia Uploaded
shop=garden_centre Plantasjen ref:plantasjen Uploaded
shop=garden_centre Hageland ref:hageland Uploaded
shop=car Alfa Romeo ref:alfaromeo Uploaded
shop=car Audi ref:audi Uploaded
shop=car BMW
shop=car Citroen
shop=car Fiat ref:fiat Uploaded
shop=car Ford ref:ford Uploaded
shop=car Hyundai ref:hyundai Uploaded
shop=car Isuzu ref:isuzu Uploaded
shop=car Jeep ref:jeep Uploaded
shop=car Kia ref:kia Uploaded
shop=car Land Rover ref:landrover Uploaded
shop=car Mazda ref:mazda Uploaded
shop=car Mercedes
shop=car Mini ref:mini Uploaded
shop=car Mitsubishi ref:mitsubishi Uploaded
shop=car Nissan ref:nissan Uploaded
shop=car Opel
shop=car Peugeot ref:peugeot Uploaded
shop=car Porsche
shop=car Renault ref:renault Uploaded
shop=car Skoda ref:skoda Uploaded
shop=car Subaru ref:subaru Uploaded
shop=car Tesla ref:teslastore Uploaded
shop=car Toyota ref:toyota Uploaded
shop=car Volvo ref:volvo Uploaded
shop=car VW ref:vw Uploaded


Mekonomen ref:mekonomen Uploaded
shop=car_repair Meca ref:meca Uploaded
shop=tyres Dekkmann ref:dekkmann Uploaded
shop=tyres Vianor ref:vianor Uploaded
shop=doityourself Biltema ref:biltema Uploaded
shop=doityourself Bilxtra ref:bilxtra Uploaded
shop=doityourself Clas Ohlson
shop=doityourself Coop Byggmix ref:coop Uploaded
shop=doityourself Obs Bygg ref:coop Uploaded
shop=doityourself Jula ref:jula Uploaded
shop=doityourself T. Hansen ref:thansen Uploaded
shop=furniture Bohus ref:bohus Uploaded
shop=furniture Fagmøbler ref:fagmøbler Uploaded
shop=furniture Ikea
shop=furniture Jysk ref:jysk Uploaded
shop=furniture Møbelringen ref:møbelringen Uploaded
shop=furniture Skeidar ref:skeidar Uploaded
shop=interior_decoration Home & Cottage
shop=interior_decoration Kremmerhuset
shop=interior_decoration Rusta ref:rusta Uploaded
shop=kitchen Christiania Glasmagasin
shop=kitchen Kitch'n
shop=kitchen Tilbords
shop=florist Interflora
shop=florist Mester grønn
shop=trade Bygger'n ref:byggern Uploaded
shop=trade Byggmakker ref:byggmakker Uploaded
shop=trade Byggmax ref:byggmax Uploaded
shop=trade Byggtorget ref:byggtorget Uploaded
shop=trade Carlsen Fritzøe ref:cf Uploaded
shop=trade Maxbo ref:maxbo Uploaded
shop=trade Monter ref:monter Uploaded
shop=trade XL-bygg ref:xlbygg Uploaded
shop=agrarian Felleskjøpet ref:felleskjøpet Uploaded
shop=tiles Flisekompaniet
shop=tiles Megaflis ref:megaflis Uploaded
shop=paint Fargerike ref:fargerike Uploaded
craft=electrician Elfag ref:elfag File ready Volunteer wanted
craft=electrician Elproffen ref:elproffen File ready Volunteer wanted
craft=electrician Norgeseliten ref:norgeseliten File ready Volunteer wanted
craft=electrician Sikringen ref:sikringen File ready Volunteer wanted
craft=plumber Bademiljø ref:bademiljø Uploaded
craft=plumber Comfort ref:comfort Uploaded
craft=plumber Varme og bad ref:vb Uploaded
amenity=bank DNB ref:dnb Uploaded
amenity=bank Nordea ref:nordea Uploaded
amenity=bank Handelsbanken ref:handelsbanken Uploaded
amenity=bank Danske bank ref:danskebank Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken 1 SR-Bank ref:srbank Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken 1 ref:bankorg Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken Møre ref:bankorg Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken Sør ref:bankorg Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane ref:bankorg Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken Vest ref:bankorg Uploaded
amenity=bank Sparebanken Øst ref:bankorg Uploaded
amenity=pharmacy Apotek 1 ref:apotek1 Uploaded
amenity=pharmacy Boots ref:boots Uploaded
amenity=pharmacy Vitusapotek

Ditt Apotek

ref:nmd Uploaded
amenity=fuel YX (7-Eleven)


ref:yx Uploaded
amenity=fuel Circle K ref:circlek Uploaded
amenity=fuel Esso ref:esso Uploaded
amenity=fuel Shell ref:shell Uploaded
amenity=fuel Best ref:best Uploaded
amenity=fuel Automat1 (none) Uploaded
amenity=fuel Bunker Oil (none) Uploaded
amenity=fuel Tanken (none) Uploaded
amenity=fuel Driv ref:driv Uploaded
amenity=fuel LPG Norge (none) Uploaded
amenity=charging_station Recharge ref:recharge Uploaded
amenity=charging_station Mer (Grønn kontakt) ref:mer Uploaded
amenity=charging_station Circle K ref:circlekcharge Uploaded
amenity=charging_station Ionity ref:ionity Uploaded
amenity=charging_station BKK
amenity=cafe Baker Hansen
amenity=cafe Espresso House ref:espressohouse Uploaded
amenity=cafe Kaffebrenneriet ref:kaffebrenneriet Uploaded
amenity=cafe Starbucks
amenity=cafe Stockfleth's
amenity=fast_food McDonald's ref:mcdn Uploaded
amenity=fast_food Burger King
amenity=fast_food Max
amenity=fast_food Big Bite ref:bigbite Uploaded
amenity=restaurant Big Horn
amenity=restaurant Dolly Dimple
amenity=restaurant Egon (none) Uploaded
amenity=restaurant Olivia
amenity=restaurant Peppes Pizza
amenity=restaurant Pizzabakeren
leisure=fitness_centre Feelgood ref:feelgood Uploaded
leisure=fitness_centre Fresh Fitness ref:fresh_fitness Uploaded
leisure=fitness_centre Sats ref:sats Uploaded

Standard tagging

Here are the standard tags used in Norway:

  • shop=* / craft=* / amenity=* / leisure=* - Main tag describing the object. Please note the supermarket/convenience categories above.
  • name=* - Name of the store in the format "<brand> <branch>", for example "Rema 1000 Hoffsveien".
  • brand=* - Name of the brand, for example "Rema 1000". Please follow normal Norwegian grammar: Words which are pronounced as normal words are written with lower letters, for example "Ikea". No capital letters unless the name is an abbreviation which cannot be pronounced as a normal word, for example "NRK". This may differ from how the brand is written in its graphical logo.
  • branch=* - Name of the branch, typically a local place name, for example "Majorstuen".
  • ref:xx=* - Unique reference to the store given by the owner, for example ref:rema = 2028178.
  • opening_hours=* - Normal opening hours, disregarding holidays, for example "Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-16:00". Please only include it if you intend to update this tag regularly in the years to come.

If editing in iD, the editor may propose to include the appropriate brand:wikidata=* and brand:wikipedia=* tags as well.

Depracted brands

These brands do no longer exist in Norway:

  • ICA
  • Rimi
  • LIME
  • Statoil
  • YX Dieselservice (is YX Truck)
  • St1
  • Shell Express
  • Hydro Texaco
  • 123


Permissions and contacts
Category Brand Comments Brand contact person
Supermarkets, convenience stores Coop All brands within Coop Inge Olaf Andresen
Norgesgruppen All brands within Norgesgruppen Aleksander Kirkeng
Bunnpris Lars Langø
Rema 1000 Celin Kjenslie
7-Eleven Includes fuel stations co-branded with YX Gerd-Helen Nyborg
Narvesen Synnøve Reisæter Tveit
Fuel stations Circle K Trond Eriksen
Esso Permission from owner Certas Energy Norway Morten Stien
Shell Permission from owner St1 Norge Per Albert Forsmo
YX / Uno-X Magne Haugland
Best stasjon Nina Dahlgren
Automat 1 Permission from owner Green Cube Henning Aarsand
Bunker Oil Edgar Ulvestad
Pharmacies Apotek 1 Daniel Glasø
Boots Stine Helmersen
Other categories Plantasjen Vibeke Næss
Europris Janne Engh
Jernia Håvard Stensrud