OSM V0.4/Protocol Feature Proposals/Get Versions

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The client shall be able to retrieve the supported OSM Protocol Versions from the OSM server.

Why is this feature important?

  • To build clients which are forward compatible to new OSM Protocol Versions.
  • To provide the user at the client a useful help guidance when the Clients protocol version is no longer compatible with the OSM server.
  • To indicate to the user to upgrade the client.

What is the benefit?

Smoother transition periods for the users, when the OSM Server had been upgraded to support (additionally) a new protocol version.

Proposed Feature

Below the client requests from the server the list of supported OSM protocol version. The server supports the protocol versions 0.3 and 0.4, however prefers usage of the protocol version 0.4.

Get Versions

If the OSM server receives the GET_request message containing:

Method OSM_Protocol_Command OSM_Command_Parameters
GET_request /Version

upon successful command execution, the OSM server shall respond with a GET_response message containing:

Method get_response_body
GET_Response <protocol_version_list>


Applicable Status Codes of the GET_response message are:

Status Code Description
OK The requested command could be successfully executed.
Bad Request An unknown command had been received.
Unauthorized User authentication of HTTP Protocol failed.
Not Found Not applicable.
Gone Not applicable.