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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Hawkeye
Tagging: habitat=*
Applies to: area
Definition: area of distinctive ecological value
Drafted on: 2011-01-10


This proposal is for a whole set of tags that are required to describe habitat maps. Until now there are few possibilities to map habitats. Mappers have a mix of landuse and natural use tags. These tags allow adequate tags for basic 'habitat' features but do not allow the finer detail required for detail habitat mapping. Habitats are mapped on a regular basis for nature conservation and environment impact assessments world wide. Allowing this data to be added to a OpenHabitatMap will encourage this information to be shared and open to interested parties.

There several differing standards for habitat mapping. This proposal will focus on the UK standard for habitat mapping called 'Phase One Habitat' survey, developed by the JNCC. However, the habitat tag will be open ended and allow any definition of habitat to be added as is seen appropriate.