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The following layer code structure will still work on openstreetmap.org but is no longer delivered by clicking 'permalink' (as of July 2010) We now have a more streamlined layer parameter support. See Layer URL parameter.

This code structure is the normal behaviour of OpenLayers. If OpenLayers is deployed with different layers, then the the codes change. Indeed the OpenStreetMap.org homepage has since had modifications to it's layers so these codes no longer work as expected. This was a principle reason for using our superior simplified new Layer URL parameter format.

The old format was as follows

0000FFF, where the letter 'B' in the first 4 positions determines the base layer:

B000 = Mapnik
0B00 = Osmarender
00B0 = Cyclemap
000B = NoName

Invalid combinations fall back to one of the possibilities.

Additional T or F characters can appear after this. These mean true or false, to active/deactivate overlay layers. We currently only have a 'data' overlay on the homepage, but used to have the following (with combinations of T possible)  :

TFF = Maplint
FTF = Marker
FFT = Data layer