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The following car mounts have been tested with the OpenStreetCam apps.

If you have used a different mount, please add a row and share your experiences.

Make Model Cost Image Rating[1] Comments
iOttie Easy One Touch 2 20 USD IOttie Easy One Touch 2.jpeg 3 Mounts on dashboard well, stays mounted even on bumpy roads, does not block camera, phone snaps in and out of the mount quickly.
Bracketron Universal Mobile Grip-iT Car Windshield Suction Mount 24 CAD Bracketron Universal Mobile Grip-iT Car Windshield Suction Mount.jpeg 2 The gears that hold the phone clamps break easily and renders it useless. The glue holding the platform fails after a while and needs to be super glued. I don't recomend it because of this. But the goose neck was very useful.
iOttie Easy One Touch 3(v2) 30 CAD Iottie3.jpg 3 The phone mount is spring loaded, so will not wear out easily. The suction cup has added sticky substance that when wet sticks better than a normal suction cup. The neck goes out really far and allows an unobstructed view when placed either upside down from wind shield or from dash
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  1. 1-3, where 1 is worst (does not work at all), 2 is okay (works but with limitations) and 3 is best (works flawlessly). Use comments to clarify