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Status: De facto (active)
Proposed by: hanno
Tagging: attraction=*
Applies to: all
Definition: For objects in theme parks and alike.
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-07-08


The attraction key covers all kinds of dedicated attractions. Especially the regular elements of theme parks and zoos.

This is no subkey of tourism=attraction since the attractions are usually part of bigger venture.


Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
attraction amusement_ride area node Some unspecified amusement ride, not covered by other values in this proposal
attraction animal area node A place where animals are kept in captivity (e.g. a cage or in an aquarium). Found in zoos or animal parks. Use name=* to tag the name of the animal attraction, the common name of the kept animal species or of the individual animal can be specified. species=* can be used to specify the scientific species. Animal.png
Dolphin leaping out of the water for an animal trainer during a performance at the Aquatarium attraction in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.jpg
attraction big_wheel node A big wheel / ferris wheel. Bigwheel.png
800px-Ocean City Ferris Wheel.jpg
attraction bumper_car area node Bumper cars, also known as dodgem cars (German: Autoscooter). Bumper car.png
attraction bungee_jumping area node Bungee Jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord.
attraction carousel area node A rotating ride. This can be an electrical Merry-go-round or a small carousel that children rotate on their own. Carousel.png
800px-W.F. Mangels Kiddie Galloping Horse Carrousel.jpg
attraction dark_ride area way node "A dark ride is an indoor amusement ride where riders in guided vehicles travel through specially lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music, and special effects" (Wikipedia definition). Example: Ghost train. You can tag the exact route, a POI or a building. Ghost train.png
498px-Geisterbahn Hamburger Dom.jpg
attraction drop_tower area node A gondola that is pulled up a tower, then has a free fall, and bounces a few times.
Freefall moviepark.png
attraction formal_garden area node A (noticable) formal garden / French garden inside a theme park or similar. See also leisure=garden and garden:style=*
800px-04-06-12 Valloires- Abbaye de 01.JPG
attraction kiddie_ride node A small car, helicopter, horse or similar on which between one and four children can ride at the same time. Often found near supermarkets. Usually has a motor that bounces the user around when you insert a coin (use with fee=yes, payment=coins).
Rabkoland 04.JPG
attraction log_flume area node A log flume. You sit in a boat that is moved by the flow of water. Some log flume attractions feature a rapid descent and splashdown.
Tripsdrill Badewannenfahrt.jpg
attraction maze area node A maze.
Labyrint barvaux.jpg
attraction pirate_ship way node A pirate ship ride Pirate ship.png
attraction river_rafting way node A river rafting ride (also commonly referred to as a "river rapids ride") is an amusement ride that simulates whitewater rafting.
attraction roller_coaster area node Roller coaster - the area of the installation should be tagged.

The rails can be drawn as line way and tagged railway=narrow_gauge

Roller coaster.png
attraction summer_toboggan area node A big slide with small vehicles in a halfpipe or on rails, see e.g. - the area of the installation should be tagged.

If there are rails, they can be drawn as line way and tagged railway=narrow_gauge

Summer toboggan.png
800px-Luge Schlucht.jpg
attraction swing_carousel area node A carousel made of swings. Swing carousel.png
attraction train way node A train used to visit a park and see other attractions or views. This is not a roller coaster. It is best to tag the railways or a centre node.

Comment: the linked page describes the train as trackless, which contradicts rails mentioned here. If there are no rails, what would we map?

If there are rails, they can be drawn as line way and tagged railway=narrow_gauge

HK Disneyland Railroad 1a.jpg
attraction water_slide way node A water slide, e.g. part of a swimming pool. Waterslide.png


As of Apr 2016, attraction=animal is by far the most common value for the attraction key with roughly 49% of the values.


The proposed icons were made by Mario Link.