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proposed icon for amenity=waldhuette
Status: Draft (under way)
Tagging: amenity=waldhuette
Applies to: node,area
Definition: A building intended to hold festivities, situated in a forest
Rendered as: Similar to amenity=shelter
Drafted on: 2011-07-26

Proposal amenity=waldhuette

A waldhütte is a building in a forest intended to be rented by groups for parties. It is often owned and run by the local municipality. They are different from amenity=shelter in that they are usually locked, not providing any shelter to hikers and not intended for sleeping. They may also have amenities such as electricity, heating, or flush toilets available which are not frequently found in shelters.


In some areas, a forest is not considered complete without a waldhütte. Not only are they a frequent destination, they are a useful reference point for hikers as well.

The literal translation of "Waldhütte" is "forest hut", though the specific meaning is lost in translation. There is no substitute carrying the same meaning in English. Waldhütten are a common feature in german speaking areas, thus the German word was chosen to represent it.


Many of those buildings have names and a fireplace, so amenity=waldhuette would often be combined with name=* and fireplace=yes|no. The operator=* tag could be helpful as well.