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3d shop
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: [[User:User:Schumi4ever|User:Schumi4ever]]
Tagging: shop=3d_shop
Applies to: node area
Definition: A shop selling 3D printers, materials and components for machines, or which offers 3D printing services.

Rendered as: New icon
Draft started: 2016-11-16
RFC start: 2016-11-27


A 3D printing shop is a place where they offer the service of 3D printing to the general public, or which sell 3D printers, service them, or sell spare components or consumables.


New technologies are slowly coming into our daily lives. 3D printing shops are getting common on our streets bit by bit and, for the moment, we have no specific tag for them.


Of course there are not hundreds of them in every city, but I can estimate one every 100.000 inhabitants, more or less, in developed countries. The most important matter is that this number is growing everyday and, hopefully, will not decline quickly in the next few years as what happened with e-cigarettes or computer shops.


Please visit the following links to see some images:


In my opinion, something as simple as shop=3d_shop is ideal. Maybe craft=3D_shop is also acceptable.

Applies to

Nodes and areas if they are very big.


I thought of the text "3D" designed in a 3D appearance. Something like this. I even did a simple drawing with Wordart, look at this.

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