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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
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Tagging: administration=various

Rendered as: icon by value


The amenities tag is overloaded. Divide the values accepted for amenities into functional groups. The proposed group "administration" would include items pertaining to the local administration of an area. So where currently amenity includes amenities of many different types, administration includes administrative amenities.


The following items will be rendered on maps that include the functional amenity group, "administration".

  • Town hall / city hall
  • post office
  • court house
  • recreation centre
  • fire station
  • police station
  • drivers license office
  • etc, . . .

Call for discussion

Please discuss. There is probably a better name for the key.

What about 'civil', denoting all things related to/maintained by local government? Then again this could get confusing with values like 'recreation_centre' and 'post_office' in certain countries, and where certain values like 'arts_centre' could be maintained by civil or private interests meaning the same value across many keys. I don't have a big problem with everything being under amenities - the map features page could always be sorted into civil/private/etc. - but this idea has a certain attraction. TomChance 08:14, 22 December 2006 (UTC)
Rather than doing this piecemeal, and probaby end up shunting some features through half a dozen keys before we are through (with all the resultant editing and re-editing that will involve), can we look at this in one hit and two passes as it were i.e. come up with a single propoasal for set of approved keys to replace/expand the amenity key (and possibly others), then vote on the movement of the features into the keys. So I would propose following keys (some of which have already been proposed and some already exist):
  • Shop - All shops not elsewhere defined
  • Healthcare - Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor's surgeries, Pharmacies ( we can debate dentists, opticians etc later)
  • (Road) Transport - Fuel, Bus Station, Bus Stop, Parking, Park and Ride etc
  • Accomodation - Hotel, Motel, Guesthouse, Youth Hostal, Campsite, Caravan site etc
  • Emergency (Services) - Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, Lifeguard, Life Boat etc
  • Law (Enforcement) - Police, Law Courts, Speed Cameras, Prisons etc
  • Government - Anything related to local and national government administration, rather than government run facilites such as libraries etc
  • Entertainment - Cinema, Theatre, Museums, Art Galleries, Arts Centres, Libraries, Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants etc
  • Communications - Post office, Post box, Telephone, Wifi, Couriers and Parcels offices
  • Tourism - Tourist Information and other non-accomodation related tourist features, such as viewing points, open farms etc
  • Education - Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Historic - Historic and archeological features other than museums. Museums being places where historic artifacts are kept and displayed rather than being historic features.
  • Religious(Centres) - Convent, Monastry, Seminary, Place of Worship
  • Leisure - Outdoor recreational facilites as per current key and including Picnic Sites.
  • Amenities - Toilets, Shelters (not related to bus stops), Benchs and Seats, Cash-points and other amenities not elsewhere classsified.
at which point I start to run out of ideas. I have been using a model akin to this for the unified symbol set I am developing, whereby the symbols with a common categorisation share a common colour i.e. Healthcare = Green, Transport = Blue, Communication = Red, Entertainment=purple, thus making them visually discernable a zoom levels where the pictographic content of the symbol is not. --Batchoy 09:53, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

See also the related key, Proposed_features/motorist which is also intended to unload amenity.

  • Two comments from me:
(1) I suggest public_service as the tag name. I think this would satisfy the sentiments expressed by TomChance but does not imply whether the service is provided by a civil or private organisation.
(2) I fully endorse Batchoy's sentiment that the support of Points Of Interest, POI, should be considered wholesale and think the suggested categorisation is excellent. I have somewhere to put the nunnery across the road! For another project I came up with something amazingly similar, (though not as advanced), so it suggests there is a 'logical' way to do it. To get general sign-off though, folks will have to accept that in some cases categorisation will have to be arbitrary. For example pharmacy is at home in healthcare but also the odd man out as no examination/treatment is involved and so would also be at home in a list of basic travellor's amenities like cash point and toilets. The one I had most trouble with is between leisure (which kinda implies leisure facilities for local people) and tourism (which implies liesure for out-of-towners) - picnic_site and others could be in either.

MikeCollinson 02:50, 26 January 2007 (UTC)