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This map feature proposal has been re-activated into Proposed features since tags are in use. This proposal needs some clean-up based on comments on discussion page. Please, vote on the naming on the discussion page.

Adult services
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: ShakespeareFan00
Tagging: shop=adult?

Rendered as: undecided
Draft started: 2010-03-14


A sex shop, erotic shop is a shop that sells products such as pornographic films on DVD, pornographic magazines, erotic books, sex toys, erotic lingerie, and safe sex products such as condoms and dental dams.

The euphemisms "adult video store" and "adult book store" are commonly used to refer to sex shops that sell or rent out pornographic DVDs, and/or sell pornographic books and magazines. However, many adult films are not rated when released to DVD. To be clear, the proposed tag does not indicate that anything has an adult only age restriction. This could be a different tag.


shop=adult, shop=sex, shop=erotic or shop=erotic. Voting on talk page.



Voting is not yet open

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