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See also Talk:Key:military#military=armory for additional comments

Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Robert Horning
Tagging: military=armory
Applies to: area
Definition: An armory, small reserve military training center, or depot not part of a larger military base
Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2009-06-20
RFC start: 2008-09-20
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


Adding the tag "military = armory" to be used for smaller military installations that can be normally found on a neighborhood or smaller town basis. These buildings tend to be used by reserve components of the military (and the National Guard units in the USA) and usually don't have barracks or significant extended facilities like larger military bases.


Note, this is not a recruiting station or something for public relations, but an actual training center for military purposes, and tend to be owned and operated by the national governments on some level, even if used for other community purposes. Yes, a recruiting station can be sometimes found at these places as well, but that isn't its primary purpose.

This can also include facilities like a logistical depot or some other similar military facility... again, usually used by reserve military forces where the equipment is intended to be kept relatively close to part-time military personnel who have other occupations and roles in the community.

There are many equivalents to this world-wide by many nations.



Armory or Armoury?

The Canadian definition is with the 'u' but wikipedia has it with no 'u', but the pictures and definition as the 'u'

military=armoury; (for the point) building=yes; military=armoury; (for the area) A building used by the militia. (Natural Resources Canada - CanVec Map Features Definition Code 2010030 (point) and 2010032 (area)) --acrosscanadatrails 00:18, 4 March 2010 (UTC)