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You can see the page here: Tag:sport=batting cage. I just wanted to make it official.

Batting Cage
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Editing
Tagging: Sport=batting_cage
Applies to:
Definition: A batting cage is an area where you can practice batting or catching
Rendered as: File:Baseball_pictogram.svg.png
Drafted on: 25/10/17


A batting cage tag would be useful in mapping.


The tag is needed because we have Baseball Diamond, and Bleachers, but we don't have batting cage.


Every baseball park in America and usually Canada and Europe has at least 1 batting cage.


Lay a node node or an area area around or on top of the batting cage. Tag with leisure=pitch and sport=batting_cage.

Applies to

Nodes and areas. Relations and ways are not welcome!


Area: light green Node: File:Baseball_pictogram.svg.png

Features/Pages affected



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