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Status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: ArthurLutz
Tagging: man_made=billboard
Applies to: IconNode
Definition: Advertising billboards
Rendered as: picture
Drafted on: 2011-05-07
RFC start: 2011-08-16

This proposal has been obsoleted by the proposed feature "Proposed_features/advertising" proposal.


A billboard is a point where an advertising billboard is present.


Advertising billboards are (unfortunately) part of our urban landscapes. Tagging them in OSM can raise awareness around their presence and give tools to count these billboards and thus encourage the reduction of the number of billboards in your town.

This could lead to fun apps such as counting ads seen on a route and establishing routes with minimal advertising.

Example & Description

Billboard medium.jpg Billboard bigger.jpg Billboard 4x3.jpg


Additional tags

They could be used to map more precise things about the billboards :

  • size
  • tv screen
  • paper billboard
  • two sided billboard
  • turns on at night
  • ads displayed in cycles
  • company that owns the billboard (operation=Name ?)
  • etc.

Similar Proposals


Very high zoom would render : Pub panneau.p.32.png

SVG version to be used in


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