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Boat school
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: wyo
Tagging: amenity=boat_school
Applies to: node
Definition: A school teaching to drive with a boat (motorboat/sailing boat)

Rendered as: Picture of a white L underlined with a wave line on a blue square background
Drafted on: 2018-11-15


I'd like to tag boat schools as there are other type of schools, shops or crafts. A node with some attributs will be sufficient.


Some type of similar schools (e.g. driving, ski, etc) already exists. A boat school teaches about driving and/or sailing with a sport boat. There are about 40 boat schools on the Zürichsee alone. I guess in Europe are about a few hundreds boat schools, worldwide maybe a few thousand. The node should be located near the waters where the main meeting point of the schools is. This might be the same spot where their boat(s) are located but not necessarily. A school may have nodes on different waters (if present) but just one on each.

Boat schools may have some specialties because of the boat/boats they have. A school might teach driving with a motorboat (CH: Ausweiskategorie A), or teach sailing (CH: Ausweiskategorie D) or both.

The examination for using a boat differs quite a lot between different countries albeit boat schools do about everywhere the same when teaching. Only the kind of licence gotten might differ but this can be handles with a licence tag in text form.


So far there is a single example here "" albeit it's located in the city and not near the waters.


+ name=... (the name of the school)
+ motorboat=yes/no (this schools teaches driving with motorboats)
+ sailing=yes/no (this school teaches sailing)
+ licence=... (text describing any to achieve licence)
Of course the usual tags for addressing (phone, webpage, etc) might be used as well

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Picture of a white L underlined with a wave line on a blue square background. This follows the symbol of water fuel station which is also underlined with a wave line.

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