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Cable Shop
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Editing
Tagging: shop=cable
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Definition: A cable shop provides internet and TV to your house or business.
RFC start: 2017/11/7
Vote start: 2017/11/21
Vote end: 2017/12/5


Cable shops are shops that provide internet or TV service to a house or business. They are very useful in which they provide common leisure activities in a household, and I could not be writing this page without a cable shop.


As I stated before, many people need cable for internet and TV in America, Europe and Asia. You could use this tag for studying how many are used in New York, for example, and many people have no idea where their cable provider is.


There are about 2 in each suburb, 8 in each medium-sized city (Orlando,), and 10 in a large city (Beijing, Moscow, New Orleans).


Key: shop Tag: cable Shop=cable.

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