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Status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: Fabi2
Tagging: centralkey=[[Tag:centralkey=eurokey, nks, <other central used key>|eurokey, nks, <other central used key>]]
Applies to: node,way,area
Definition: centralized key system in public use

Rendered as: not rendered by default
Drafted on: 2009-05-19

Additional tag to indicate access with a central used key or key system/scheme, mainly for use in addition to the wheelchair-tag.




Public toilets for disabled people became a subject of vandalism in the past, so they where locked.

The problem is that wheelchair users now first have to get the right key, so the reason the use of a central key arises.


At the moment i know two used key schemes: the RADAR-key and the EURO-Key (german: "Euro-Schlüssel"). The Euro-Key which was first formely used in Germany, is now also very popular in Austria, Switzerland, but also Italy and Czech Republic. In Germany most toilets at motorways and e.g. the "city toilets" by Wall AG use the Eurekey-System by default.

Intended use

This tag is meaned mainly as addition to the wheelchair-tag to indicate which key is used mainly for public toilets (node), but also ramps (way), elevators and barriers, maybe buildings (place is an option).


Today exists various lists of facilities for disabled people, which use a central key, such as "Der Locus" or this list for Austria only for the Eurokey. Integration in the map may it make easier to extract and search for in the future.

Already documented?

We already have a Key:centralkey page, and it already referenced from Tag:amenity=toilets


Other keys

There is a special type of key in Germany used by fire brigades to open barriers. Is there a name for them?