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Charging place
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Silwol
Tagging: type=charging_place
Applies to: relation
Definition: A place to charge electric vehicles, containing multiple charging stations

Drafted on: 2013-01-17


A place where several charging stations are available.


Single charging stations can be defined using amenity=charging_station. There are places however, where multiple charging stations are available at a single place. When searching for a charging station, for example on a mobile app, this compound of charging station should only be listed as one single source for charging. Therefore, the charging stations can be combined in a relation to indicate that they belong together to one single charging place.



Way or Node Role Recurrence Explanation
node charging_station one or more The nodes indicating the single charging stations. Should be tagged with amenity=charging_station.
area area none or one Optionally shows the geographical area in which the charging stations are located.


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