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Connecting of routes
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Dinamik
Tagging: e-road=A_link, AB_link, B_link
Applies to: relation
Definition: creating relations for connecting routes (for example, European routes)
Drafted on: 2013-03-13


We have some tags on ways and relations, which describe routes, for example, European routes (see WikiProject Europe/E-road network). The network has some gaps, which are caused by technical reasons. For example, there is Route 1, which goes to the City, or through the City, and there is Route 2, which formally goes trhough the City, but the road de-facto lies near the City at distance from the center of the City, for example, 10 kilometers. Appropriate European agreement contains only names of cities and towns, which are connected by e-roads - so if city or town belongs to different e-roads, such routes logically should have connection, but we can have gap between relations-routes, because appropriate roads - members of relations are close, but are not connected.


Example of routing through generalized map of Europe

E-road network can be used, for example, for creating generalized map of whole Europe. If we get only roads, which are marked with int_ref=E ХХ and/or belongs to relations of European routes, the resulted map will be not fully united.


Mapnik. Blue line - route E 95, green line - route E 105, red line - connecting relation
Generalized map. Blue line - route E 95, green line - route E 105, red line - connecting relation

The text below is related to European routes, but the proposal can be extended to another networks.

It is proposed to connect European routes in situations, when the connection is obviously existed (there is a road of appropriate status, which connects European routes), by relations.

network=e-road or network=e-road_link[1]
e-road=A_link, e-road=AB_link, e-road=B_link or e-road_link=A_link, e-road_link=AB_link, e-road_link=B_link[1]
from=<number of first European route>
to=<number of second European route>


type=route - this is a route
route=road - this is a route for motorcars
network=e-road - this is a cars' route, which is related to E-road network
e-road=A_link or e-road_link=A_link - this is a connecting route between two European routes of class A (possible values: connection between two A-roads - A_link, connection between A-road and B-road - AB_link, connection between two B-roads - B_link)
from and to - European routes, which are connected

Example: Relations for connecting E 95 and E 105 near Saint Petersburg - 1, 2, 3.

type = route
route = road
network = e-road
e-road = A_link
from = E 95
to = E 105

European routes E 95 and E 105 logically should have connection, because E 95 starts in Saint Petersburg and E 105 goes through Saint Petersburg.