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13 January 2008


Many areas (states, cities, etc) have a default speed limit on their streets when there is no specific signage posted. It therefore seems counter-productive to mark all ways individually with a speed limit. I feel that there should be a way to indicate the default rule for an area, which would then be superseded by individually posted street limits.

The rule would work as follows:

  • If a given way has a maxspeed attribute, use that.
  • If no maxspeed rule is given, search each successively enclosing area - from smallest to largest - for an appropriate default_maxspeed attribute to use.
  • If no rule is found, fail over to some reasonable default based on way type.

Proposed tags

Applies to

This tag applies to areas and boundary ways.

Usage examples

If only a single default maxspeed applies to a given area, default_maxspeed:all=* should be used.

Ex.: The city of Bothell, WA, USA has a default speed limit within its border of 25 mph for all streets unless posted otherwise. Assuming Bothell is on the left side of a given boundary way, it would be tagged with default_maxspeed:all:left=25 mph.

Proposed Rendering

None. These tags would be primarily useful for routing applications.


I would want to have something like: default <countryname:waytype>. E.g maxspeed=default:austrian_motorway. This would allow routers to parse the values and calculate with the right value (and has not to look where the next boarder is). --Krasnoj 00:48, 15 September 2008 (UTC)

Consider using the Relations/Proposed/Defaults


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