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Emergency Service
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Wichtel
Tagging: emergency_service=land/water/air/mountain/technical/unknown
Applies to: node
Definition: Facilities of rescue service organizations

Rendered as: have to be discussed
Draft started: 2008-12-08
RFC start: 2008-12-09
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


Facilities of ermergencz service organizations like DRK, DLRG

From Wikipedia:

emergency_service=* description Wikipedia
emergency_service=ambulance An ambulance like red cross.
emergency_service=fire A fire department or fire brigade (also known as a fire and rescue service or simply fire service) is a public or private organization that provides predominantly emergency firefighting and rescue services for a certain jurisdiction, which is typically a municipality, county, or fire protection district.
emergency_service=land Every emergency service which works mostly at the land, but not ambulance itself.
emergency_service=water Water rescue, for example DLRG, lifeguard, or Coastguard
emergency_service=air Helipads and facilities of air rescue etc.
emergency_service=mountain Mountain rescue services
emergency_service=technical Technical Support


tag required description
emergency_service=water required The Type of emergency service (land/water/air/mountain/technical/unknown)
operator=DLRG optional The emergency orgnanisation
name=* optional The name of the Station


DLRG Station Wendlingen

tag Required
emergency_service=water required
operator=DLRG optional
name=Station Wendlingen optional

Already used

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