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extended post box tags
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Vclaw
Tagging: amenity=post_box
Applies to:
Definition: extra details for post box types and mail types

Draft started: 2010-07-07
RFC start: 2010-08-05


This is a proposal for tagging extra details of post boxes. See amenity=post_box for tags currently used.

Postboxes can be useful landmarks for navigation, so it can be helpful to know what sort of postbox it is. Also, it is useful to know what mail types are accepted if you want to find the nearest postbox to post something.

This is currently a proposal, suggestions for changes or additional tags and values is welcome. There has previously been some discussion of additional tags on the Talk:Tag:amenity=post_box page, and on the forum. Please use the discussion page for comments.

A custom preset file for JOSM including all of these tags is available at:

Proposed tags

Post box type

The physical style (size/shape) of the post box, and how it is mounted.

  • Pillar
  • Wall (recessed into wall or not)
  • Post (poss. = modern pillar) but is any box mounted on a distinctly different post (lamp, telegraph)


The number of apertures / slots on the post box. These may separate slots for different types of mail. The value should be a number. This is assumed to be 1 if not otherwise specified.

tag example picture
Double pillar box modern.jpg

Mail type and class

The type and class of mail accepted in the post box. If not specified, this is assumed to be any type and class of mail, stamped and metered.

Tag Values Description
mail:stamped=* yes/no stamped mail accepted
mail:meter=* yes/no meter mail / franked mail accepted
mail:1st_class=* yes/no 1st class mail accepted
mail:2nd_class=* yes/no 2nd class mail accepted

Royal cypher

The monarch's initials or symbol. Usually found in the UK and other Commonwealth realms. This tag could also be used for other objects that have a royal cypher displayed, eg post office buildings.

Opening hours

If the postbox is only open or only accessible at certain times, it can be tagged with the opening hours. See that page for details of the syntax. This includes most Royal Mail meter mail postboxes.

Indoor postboxes

If the postbox is inside a building, it can be tagged with indoor=yes. If possible, the building outline can be mapped as an area, and tagged with building=yes, plus other tags as appropriate. This implies the post box is only accessible during the times the building is open.