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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Lesnikus
Applies to: way, area
Definition: New class tags, specifying the appearance of materials of the facade of buildings.
Drafted on: 2017-10-19
RFC start: 2017-10-20


New class tags, specifying the appearance of materials of the facade of buildings.


This will allow you to accurately characterize the appearance of any buildings. Previously, such buildings had to be marked with a not exact building:material=*, which indicated only the type of material of the facade, but not its specific appearance. This new class of tags allows you to specify what shape the material has. Use should be done together with building:material=*. I suggest adding these tags:

building:material:concrete=panel Prefabricated reinforced concrete product, usually height of one floor, and a width equal to the room. Panels are manufactured with ready windows and doors holes. Panel house in Lomovka.jpg
building:material:concrete=monolith Monolith buildings cast from concrete on the site of construction Monoton repetition in windows in concrete building in the townhouse of San Pedro del Pinatar.JPG
building:material:concrete=block Prefabricated reinforced concrete product. The block is much larger than the brick and can be 2-3 meters long and 1-1.5 meters height (width = half height). It is smaller than a concrete panel. Concrete blocks.jpg
building:material:wood=logs Facade folded from felled tree trunk NeillLogHouse.jpg
building:material:wood=planks Flat on both sides wooden board Jaffa American Collony - Wood House 9325.jpg
building:material:glass=transparent Front covered in transparent glass Glassfront.png
building:material:glass=mirror Front covered in mirrored-glass Building material mirror.JPG
building:material:metal=corrugated Covered corrugated sheet metal Corrugated iron shed.jpg
building:material:metal=plates Front with other, metal plates (replacing metal_plates from building:material) Platefront.png


Currently, the values of building:material=* indicates only the type of material, but not the specific shape of the material. You can not specify that the concrete is presented in the form of panels, not blocks; wood in the form of logs, not planks, etc.


In the case of approval of this class of tags, the values of the building:material=* should be optimized for new conditions. Some values need to be removed from the building:material=*, recognizing their use is correct only as the value of the new class tags. For example, building:material=mirror will not be correct. "Mirror" is a refinement of the value "glass". Therefore, it is correct to specify two tags: building:material=glass + building:material:glass=mirror.

Not correct: building:material=metal_plates. Correctly: building:material=metal + building:material:metal=plates. Do not worry that the renaming will be large-scale. building:material=metal_plates was only used a little more than 100 times [1]. building:material=mirror used 477 times [2]. If you know what else you can transfer from building:material=* to new tags, tell me in discussion page.


Need to add two tags to the building: building:material=*name_of_material* AND building:material:*name_of_material*=*specific_value* For example:

Keys Short description Example image



Concrete panel building Panel house in Lomovka.jpg



Log house NeillLogHouse.jpg



Front covered in mirrored-glass Building material mirror.JPG


Useful for 3D rendering. Using this tag, you can correctly assign textures to buildings models.

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Please comment on the discussion page.