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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Gendy54
Tagging: fire_station=*
Applies to: nodearearelation
Definition: additional tagging of fire stations

Drafted on: 2021-07-14


I use to map fire stations in France with some other contributors.
I propose additional tags to complete the information on the fire stations. Fire stations often have no additional tags other than the name. When we look at the different language pages, we see that they are very poor, except for the russian and french version.


  • operator:type=*
    • public
    • military
    • police
    • association
    • private (case of fire station from private companies)
    • xxx (other case)

  • fire_station=*
    • generic
    • specialist
    • aircraft
    • forestry
    • utility
    • xxx (other case)

  • fire_station:category=*
    • primary
    • secondary
    • tertiary
    • extension_position
    • advanced_station
    • first_aid (e.g. fire station that isn't autonomous on a basic operation)

If necessary, a table concerning the organisation of each country will make the correspondences as boundary|administrative

  • fire_station:team=*
    • professional (whatever the status: civil or military or...),
    • voluntary (compensated or voluntary),
    • civic_service
    • combined



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Let's discuss this proposal over this page.