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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: pshunter
Tagging: fuzzy=[[Tag:fuzzy=<fuzziness in meter>|<fuzziness in meter>]]
Applies to: way
Definition: not well-defined boundaries
Rendered as: not rendered by default
Drafted on: 2009-02-04
RFC start: 2009-02-04

This tag is meant to be used on a boundary way. (see Boundary or Multipolygon relation)


Some areas have names but their boundaries are not clear e.g. massif or mountain groups, valleys, seas, tablelands, historic regions with local usage names (ie non-administrative), etc.

The boundaries which are subject to uncertainty should hold the tag with approximate fuzziness. For example fuzzy=4000 denotes that 2000 m (2 km) from the way outside the area is surely really "outside" and 2 km inside is really "inside". The 4 km stripe following the boundary path is "unsure".


Paths with the fuzzy tag must not be rendered as lines. Instead, color shades could be used. Most of the time, however, no graphical hint that there is an area defined by a polygon should be present on the map. These areas are mainly intended to print labels accurately and nicely by following the general shape of the area. Since this is a complicated calculation, simpler renderers should just avoid putting the text that names the area in the "unsure" zone.

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