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Happy Hours
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: T2000
Tagging: happy_hours=same syntax as opening_hours
Applies to: node, area
Definition: This tag is used to describe when drinks in restaurants/bars/pubs are offered at lower prices than usual, e.g. so called "Happy Hour".
Rendered as: Displayed only on specialized maps
Drafted on: 2012-10-08


Many pubs, bars and restaurants offer drinks at lower prices at certain days/hours. These periods are often called "Happy Hour" (at least in germany).


The information on "Happy Hours" is useful for maps displaying entertainment possibilites in a city. It facilitates finding locations with cheaper drinks at any point in time.


  • Use the tag happy_hours=* with values in the same syntax as opening_hours=*.
  • The happy hours should always be within the opening hours.
  • If a location offers no "Happy Hours" the tag should be ommitted.


The bar Cielo in Darmstadt, which offers "Happy Hours" is already tagged as:

opening_hours=Mo-Fr 00:00-01:00,08:00-24:00; Sa 00:00-02:15,08:00-24:00; Su 00:00-02:15,10:00-24:00
happy_hours=Mo 17:00-24:00; Tu 00:00-00:45; Tu-Th 17:00-21:00


Not rendered on most maps. On special maps or mobile phone applications the data could be used to route a user to the nearest "Happy Hours" offering.


Please use the discussion page for comments.