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Haul Channel
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Sammuell
Tagging: haul_channel=*
Applies to: Ways
Definition: Indication of Radio channels used for general traffic communication
Rendered as: none
Drafted on: 2014-01-28
RFC start: 2015-03-09


Some highways in remote areas have haul channels, dedicated radio channels used to communicate with other road users.

In Canada (and I assume elsewhere) these roads are usually used on resource roads, and the frequency is often licensed to the company that operates or frequently uses the road. Many of these roads have access restrictions in place, but some (most notably the Sultan Industrial Road) are open to the public. These frequencies serve two primary purposes:

  • To provide emergency contact in areas without cell coverage.
  • To reduce accidents on narrow, treacherous roads full of large logging trucks by letting drivers know when they are approaching each other.

Unfortunately, resource companies don't often use clear signage, assuming that road users know the appropriate frequencies. Thus I have seen signs suggesting road users use "the [large logging company] channel" or "Channel 9." Lists of these channels exist online for some areas, but not all, making safe road use difficult.

In all cases I could find the transmission and reception frequencies were the same, but haul_channel:transmit=* and haul_channel:receive=* could be used in that case.


Tag Description Notes Photo
haul_channel=* Channel Frequency in MHz
haul_channel:transmit=* Transmission Channel Frequency in MHz
haul_channel:receive=* Reception Channel Frequency in MHz


The tag would not be rendered, but instead interpreted by routing software and presented to users or accessed by users directly.


This proposal has been withdrawn. A new proposal to cover the same ground will come at a later date.