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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Barnes38
Tagging: lit:type=way it is lit
Applies to: node,area
Definition: To indicate the way a feature is lit.

Rendered as: text
Draft started: 2016-10-03
RFC start: 2016-10-03
Vote start: 2016-10-03


A key to record the way a feature is lit.


Energy issues, the issue of energy savings, how to illuminate economically are becoming increasingly crucial. Therefore it is not sufficient to indicate if a feature is lit, it is necessary to indicate the way it is lit. A lot of urban features are lit during night, highways, monuments, urban furnitures, advertisings ...



Recommended use

lit:type=reflexion: lit with reflectors, lit by projected light, like spots or neon.
lit:type=transmission: lit by transmission, lit from the inside, transilluminated.
lit:type=neon: lettering and light boxes, neons.
lit:type=screen: the feature is lit because it is a screen.

lit:type=* can be used on nodes, or areas.

Applies to

Nodes and areas.

Features/pages affected

This tag adds useful information, but it is not in any way critical. I see it as complementary to lit=*.

Rendered As


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