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Tag amenity=lounge
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: tohaklim
Tagging: amenity=lounge
Applies to: node, area
Definition: A distinct tag for lounges, such as those in airports and at hotels.

Rendered as: Icon proposals TBC
Drafted on: 2018-05-25
RFC start: 2018-06-09


A distinct amenity=* value for lounges ([W] Lounge), usually used to describe a comfortable waiting/recreational area with optional food/drink/other facilities, is proposed.


Lounges are found not only in airports (although some users might associate lounges primarily with airline-branded offerings), but also train/bus stations, hotels (often called an "Executive lounge") and ferry terminals. These are generally places offering shelter, food/drink, sometimes shower and sleeping facilities. A major transport hub can feature a number of lounges.

Considering the quantity of such POIs and, often, their importance to a traveller, it makes sense to have a custom tag for them. It is an amenity distinct from others, despite offering services that can often be associated with e.g. a bar, buffet or cafe. The few lounges that I was able to locate where either tagged similarly to this proposal, or used cafe/bar amenity tags, which is not quite correct.



amenity=lounge is proposed for tagging the lounge node.

Replies to the RFC have pointed out the public_transport tag as an alternative to amenity=lounge, since lounges described here refer mostly to facilities offered in conjunction with public transport. Upon review of other tags in the PT keyspace, it was felt that it would be confusing. Airports are also arguably not always part of a public transportation system.

A more detailed scheme is envisioned, to specify lounge types, amenities and access policy.

The normal access scheme could be used, although the relevant tags might not be documented (access=customers is often too broad for lounges). In view of this, lounge:access= could be used instead, for example access:lounge:threshold=Senator or lounge:access=AAadvantage.

Tags like lounge=full_service, lounge:food=snacks;cold could be used to describe the lounge and level of service offered.

Kudos to Andrey Harvey for pointing that we already have some detail tags (e.g. shower=*) which can be used to describe facilities offered by the lounge.

Applies to

The majority of such places would make sense as nodes, but indoor mapping might use areas.


Carto could render lounges as blue nodes in the absence of a custom icon. Iconography might be based on a chair outline.

Features/Pages affected

Amenities tagging page.

External Discussions

A discussion was ongoing on the Tagging list, following the RFC.


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