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Meditation centre
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Azitizz
Tagging: amenity=meditation_centre
Applies to:
Definition: Place where people can learn and practice meditation
Rendered as: Could be a simple tag with a generic person sitting cross legged or as they place in airports someone kneeling for "multi faith" rooms
Drafted on: 2012-09-01


Proposing a tag for Meditation centres. There probably between 300-500 different meditation centres around the world. Probably close to one in every country and some countries with many, like India, and other parts of Asia. North America and Europe as well.

Already existing is the tag "Amenity=place of worship" but it does not define a meditation centre very well, because of the term "worship" which is very innacurate. Many of these Meditation centres are popping up around the world, where people, often for free, come and learn how to meditate. Many of these centres provide room and board. One particualr example is from only one of many organizations, and there are over 120 centres around the world, and there are many others being built. There are many different traditions teaching different styles, but generally they are not of a religious nature and in fact have no worshipping whatsoever. Perhaps Meditation centre is not the best tag but I would like to propose something that would be more generic for this type of place but also not misleading as in "Place of Worship", which suggests a religious affiliation.