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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Shadowriver
Tagging: shop=mobile_telephony
Applies to: node node area area
Definition: Shop selling mobile network devices and providing mobile network services
Rendered as: Mobile phone
Drafted on: 2010-02-13
RFC start: 2010-04-13

Apply to

Shops selling and/or exchanging and/or repair mobile network devices (mobile phones, 3G modems, everything that is used in GSM/UMTS networks), this includes official network service provider salons, that sells mobile devices too.

Proposed Tag


Why not other name?

  • mobile - "mobile" don't need to mean mobile devices
  • mobile_phones - Mobile service providers now days not only selling mobile phones

Additional tags

  • services=repair - Provides mobile devices rapiers
  • services=exchange - Provides mobile devices exchange for other device or money
  • mobile_telephony:services=yes/no (TODO) - Provides mobile network services

Use of other friendly tags


Mobile phone icon - since most common product sold there


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