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More Parking Spaces
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Lulu-Ann
Tagging: capacity:*=yes/no/number
Applies to: node way area
Definition: There are more kinds of parking spaces than standard and disabled, this proposal addresses this problem!
Rendered as: ?
Drafted on: 2009-07-31
RFC start: Request For Comments, Not Set
Vote start: Vote Date, Not Set
Vote end: Vote Date, Not Set

There are more kinds of parking spaces than standard and disabled. These keys shall be used with amenity=parking:

about the replacement of disabled_spaces=yes/no/number

This shall be realized in several steps:

  1. this proposal gets approved
  2. a bot will add the new tag to all occurances of the old one, overtaking the value.
  3. the bot will also add a note text "The tag disabled_spaces is no longer used, please use capacity:disabled instead in the future. The old tag will probably be removed automatically after (date 6 months in the future)." This will give developers a reasonable time to change their applications.
  4. There will be another proposal 6 month later to delete the old tags with a bot, which will be checked with tagwatch and hopefully be approved.

How to map

  • Map a node, a way (along a street) or an area with amenity=parking.
  • Add the keys.

Note: It is new that you can use amenity=parking on a way. This is already often used if you are parking along a highway.