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More service:bicycle keys
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: FedericoCozzi
Tagging: service:bicycle:*=*
Applies to: node, area
Definition: Detailed description of the features of a bicycle shop
Rendered as: Cycle maps only?
Drafted on: 2011-05-03

Specialisation on certain types of bicycles

Use the following keys to describe the type of bicycles sold or rented better. This is useful to describe shops that specialise in certain bicycles. In general three types of bicycles exist. City/general (use service:bicycle:city), road (service:bicycle:road) and mtb (service:bicycle:mtb), but further specialisation is possible. The bicycle market has evolved so much, that no shop/service can cater for all needs.

For example if you have a downhill bike, you will need a shop to carry heavy 2-ply tires, fat tubes, 150mm axles, double-T forks, steel spring dampers,... Stuff that the general cycle store will not have in stock, and may not have the proper tools to repair.

Add any/all of the following keys if they apply.

key possible values Shop caters for / specialises in the following types of cycles.
service:bicycle:general rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no this place is not selling/renting special purpose bicycles. One can expect a mix of city, children bikes as well as a small range of road/mtb cycles to be available.
service:bicycle:city rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no city bicycles
service:bicycle:road rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no road bicycles...
service:bicycle:mtb rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no mountainbikes (general - see below for more detailed specialisation)...
service:bicycle:cyclocross rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no cyclocross bicycles...
service:bicycle:touring rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no touring/trekking bicycles...
service:bicycle:tandem rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no tandem bicycles...
service:bicycle:children rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no children bicycles (up to 24" tires)
service:bicycle:unicycle rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Unicycles bicycles too.
service:bicycle:unicycle:offroad rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Unicycles to go onto trails/offroad are becoming more and more popular
service:bicycle:mtb:dh rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no downhill and freeride mountainbikes (should should carry stuff like 2ply tires, sturdy rims, 203mm discs)...
service:bicycle:mtb:am rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no allmountain (trail, enduro ~ fullsuspension bikes with in general 120-180mm travel)...
service:bicycle:mtb:xc rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Cross country and race mtbikes (hardtails or full suspension mtbikes with up to 140mm travel). Shop should cater for both disc and v-brakes.
service:bicycle:mtb:29 rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no 29er Mountainbikes are sold or rented or both. One can assume that such bicycles are also repaired, and common spare parts (for this type of bicycle) are in stock.
service:bicycle:fixie rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Fixed gear bicycles...
service:bicycle:bmx rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no bmx and street/trial bicycles...
service:bicycle:recumbent rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Bicycle with a seat for a laid-back reclining position
service:bicycle:tricycle rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Tricycles (three wheeled recumbent bike)
service:bicycle:velomobile rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Three wheeled recumbent bike with a enclosure
service:bicycle:cargo rent/sell/sell_and_rent/no Bicycles designed to carry large loads.