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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: Direction=various


I'm using this key for "k='highway' v='motorway'" and "k='highway' v='motorway_link'" to explain the direction of that way.

For motorways, it shows the general direction (east/west/north/south) that isn't always obvious if you see only a small section of the map. (thats also the way, traffic jams are reported on the radio)

For motorway links it shows which wotorways are connected.

Applies to

k='highway' v='motorway'
k='highway' v='motorway_link'

maybe also for trunk/trunk_link



k='highway' v='motorway' 
k='direction' v='W'

Motorway Link

k='highway' v='motorway_link'
k='direction' v='A67S -> A6W'