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Official status
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Aleksandr Dezhin
Tagging: official_status=*

Rendered as: none
Drafted on: 2010-12-27


Many items that we put on the map, have official status. The official status of assigned organizations of various kinds, such as government or international organizations.

Designation of these statuses in the database can be useful for solving various problems. For example:

  • The unique identity of the object (for example, in Russia is quite common situation where two neighboring settlements have identical names, and differ only in the official status: "деревня Гадюкино" and "село Гадюкино")
  • Name specified in the name=* tag may indicate an official status, but the true official status is completely different.
  • Comparison with other data sources (for example, we can get the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and compare objects from the database to this list)


In order to avoid confusion with the source of official status is proposed to use the following scheme:


Where the "<authority>" - an organization which assigns this status, "<status>" - the status assigned by this organization. If the status is assigned by the government, you should use two-letter country code for "<authority>". For example, 'ru:село', 'ru:деревня', 'unesco:world heritage site'.

If you want to specify multiple statuses, you can enumerate them through ";".