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Philippine-specific place type types
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: TagaSanPedroAko
Tagging: place:PH=*
Applies to: nodearearelation
Definition: A tag that will indicate a place type specific or unique to the Philippines. It will be used along with the normal place=* tag.
Drafted on: 2016-5-2


A tag is needed to indicate the type of place that is specific to the Philippines, like municipality, poblacion, district, barangay, sitio, purok, and subdivision.


Certain place types are specific to the Philippines. For example, district means a large portion of a city, composed of small barangays, which equals to neighbourhoods.

Also, the tag will be useful to determine poblacions, barangays, sitios, puroks, and municipalities (for town nodes only. For administrative boundary relations of the municipalities, they must include the ordinary place=municipality tag on the relation, but, mapping conventions in the Philippines discourage adding place tags on boundary relations.). It can be possibly used on housing developments (subdivisions) along with the place=* and landuse=residential


Name and notes Tags
Poblacion (in this example, it is divided into small numbered barangays) admin_level=8

name=Poblacion place=suburb place:PH=poblacion

Tunasan admin_level=10

name=Tunasan official_name=Barangay Tunasan place=village place:PH=barangay

Purok 1 admin_level=11

name=Purok 1 place=neighbourhood place:PH=purok

Duluhan admin_level=11

name=Duluhan official_name=Sitio Duluhan place=neighbourhood place:PH=sitio



Applies to

Certain place=* types (town, suburb, village, and neighbourhood) in the Philippines that equals to a municipality, poblacion, barangay, sitio, purok, or village/subdivision.


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