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A photo shop
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: AssetBurned
Tagging: shop=photo
Applies to: node node area area
Definition: A shop that is specalised in selling photo equipment or a photo lab.
Rendered as: TBD?
Drafted on: 2009-11-30
RFC start: not yet
Vote end: not even started

Note: shop=photo is already documented


A shop that is specalised in selling photo equipment or a photo lab. Not the shop of a professional photographer you can hire (that would be craft=photographer).


These shops are places where you can develop films or buy photo equipment. It is different from a place where a professional photographer is selling his service. That would be "shop=photo_studio".


Add a node node tagged "shop=photo" in the center of the shop. Larger shops may be mapped as an area area tagged as "shop=photo".

Additional Attributes

Tag Description
name=* The name of the shop.
addr:housenumber=* The street address of the shop.
addr:street=* The street the shop is on.
addr:city=* The city the shop is in.
addr:postcode=* The postal code that the shop is in.
website=* The web page of the shop or company.
source=* Where you got the data.


TBD. They should only be rendered at very high zoom levels.


Please leave comments on the discussion page.

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