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Price tags
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: erkinalp
Tagging: cost=free or paid
Drafted on: 2009-08-27

Free/paid tag

For marking the approximate price of something


Most people agree that writing down the current price of every fuel station, cafe, and restaurant is not the purpose of OpenStreetMap, and would be out-of-date too quickly.

However, the difference between a free car park and a paid car park is the sort of information you'd like displayed on a map, and is unlikely to change regularly.

Applies to

  • Parking
  • Mooring
  • Museums and galleries
  • Sports (e.g. skateparks, tennis courts, football pitches)
  • Internet access
  • (incomplete list, please expand)


Basic tagging:

  • cost=free
  • cost=paid


We could also put something like category=priced_feature on wiki pages describing a tag which uses this scheme, so they're easy to find


On Approved features/Parking, it uses some other tags:

  • free=yes/no

and the inverse:

  • fee=yes/no

Actual price

(separate proposal to the free/paid tag)

For "important" locations


  • Visited by large numbers of people every day, so there is a 'market' for this information
  • Visited regularly by people with access to OSM, so that data can be updated within a few weeks of any change


  • Severn Bridge
  • M6 Toll
  • London Congestion Charge


  • cost=USD 3 per day (known price, with currency (assume default currency based on which country it's in))
  • cost_date=2007-09-10 (date at which the cost was written-down)
  • cost:HGV=GBP 5 (different types of vehicles)
  • website= (link to a page with the current prices)


Please use the talk page.