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Pumping Station
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Dysteleologist
Tagging: waterway=pumping_station
Applies to: node/area
Definition: facility for pumping water between places
Rendered as: ?
Drafted on: 2008-09-23
RFC start: 2008-12-20


Pumping stations are used to help drain low lying areas of land and to prevent those areas from flooding. They are often built across man made drainage channels, or next to dykes. For more information and images see Wikipedia Pumping Stations


Pumping stations are a major feature of many large land drains and provide a method of controlling water flow just as weirs and dams do (both of which have their own tags).

Tagging/Applies To

nodes, areas (for larger pumping stations)

waterway = pumping_station

better: man_made=pumping_station


There are several hundred pumping stations of various sizes within the UK in low lying areas including the Fens, the Somerset Levels and Romney Marsh.


Black Sluice Pumping Station, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK (South Forty Foot Drain into River Witham)

St Germans Pumping Station, Wiggenhall St Germans, Cambridgeshire, UK (Middle Level Main Drain into River Great Ouse) New St Germans Pumping Station (works best in Internet Explorer)


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