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STATUS: I will need to make some decisions relating to mapping details, discussions will resume afterwards.

Free refills occur when a drink, usually pop, tea or coffee, is allowed to be filled again, free of charge, after being purchased and consumed.

See also: wikipedia:Free refill


  • drink_refill=yes/<semicolon separated list of drinks to refill>



Not recommended alternatives

  • free_refill=* is a bit vague and only used at a few dozen places in this meaning. It does not indicate that we are talking about drinks and in the context of pub, fast_food or restaurants.
  • refill=* is even more vague.

We should specify the subject of the refill, otherwise it could be understood as anything from inflating tires with air (fill), to coolant in refrigerators (recharge), propane tanks (refill), carbonated water (refill/exchange), ink in your printer (refill) or even amenity=fuel in a sense. None if this is free, except for perhaps the tires. Of course many of these are not proper usages of the word "refill" as per how it is used in the UK, but the possibility of misuse is very high.

See below for "water bottle refill" projects purposefully mocking the word "refill":

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