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Roundabout Priority
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: csmale
Tagging: roundabout=priority_to_right
Applies to: way
Definition: Indicates that traffic entering the roundabout has priority

Rendered as: As junction=roundabout
Drafted on: 27-09-2010
RFC start: 27-09-2010


The proposal is that a new standardised way be defined to indicate that a roundabout uses an alternative priority arrangement.


On a roundabout, the normal situation is that traffic which is already on the roundabout has priority over traffic wishing to enter the roundabout. In certain countries some (or all?) roundabouts use a different scheme, whereby traffic entering the roundabout has priority over the traffic already on the roundabout. This proposal is for a tag to indicate this difference.

The distinction could be of importance for navigation devices which could wish to visualise/verbalise these roundabouts differently.

I have only encountered this type of roundabout in mainland Europe, where "priority to the right" is a common concept at junctions between similarly classified roads in the absence of explicit priority markings.

In the Netherlands these roundabouts are traditionally called "verkeersplein" (a normal roundabout is a "rotonde").


The proposal is for these types of roundabout to be tagged "junction=roundabout+roundabout=priority_to_right" in right-driving countries. The value "priority_to_left" can be utilised as a mirror-image tag for use in countries where traffic drives on the left and is not intended for use in right-driving countries.


For an aerial photo of a bad example, click here. By coincidence this is the roundabout near my home which set me thinking about all this! I am sure it used to be a good example, but it may have changed when the road was reconstructed a year or so back. These days there are give way lines as you enter the roundabout which I guess I never noticed because the traffic lights are always working.


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