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Serving System
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Jgpacker
Tagging: serving_system:*=yes/no/service times
Applies to: node area relation
Definition: Describes which kind of serving system is offered at the place.

Rendered as: Not rendered
Draft started: 2014-02-28


This tag can be used to describe the available serving systems in a restaurant, fast food joint, cafe or other kind of place that sells food for direct consumption.

The tag will be serving_system:a=b, where a is the serving system type, and b is the tag's value (see #Values below)


Although it is largely irrelevant to specify the serving system of a restaurant, there are some unusual serving systems that are worth tagging.


It can be used with most places that offers food, including amenity=restaurant, amenity=fast_food and amenity=cafe.


The values are yes, no and service times, where

  • yes means "there is such a serving system in this place";
  • no means "there is not..";
  • and service times uses opening_hours=* syntax to represent when this option is available (it should be used only when this option is not available whenever the place is open).

Types of Serving System


TODO serving_system:buffet=* Buffet


TODO serving_system:rodizio=* Rodízio


TODO serving_system:smorgasbord=* Smörgåsbord

Conveyor belt

TODO serving_system:conveyor_belt=* Conveyor belt

À la carte

TODO serving_system:a_la_carte=* À la carte

Korean BBQ

TODO serving_system:korean_barbecue=* Korean barbecue

Table d'hôte

TODO serving_system:table_d'hote=* Table d'hôte

Georgian Supra

TODO serving_system:georgian_supra=* georgian supra

Food in vast amount and vast variations placed in the middle of the table, guests help themselves at will.

Other types

I cannot hope to possibly enumerate all present and future serving systems, therefore the key value of this tag is declared open-ended, i.e. use other values as needed.


Please use the talk page for discussion.

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